Peer Sales Network

About the company

Peer Sales Network is a small business network teaming direct sellers we represent with our independent sales consultants who build loyal customers via trusted professional testimonials.


  • PSN Vission: To provide small business opportunities for like minded entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry.
  • Primary Objective: To drive revenue growth by creating a network of sustainable business for professionals, and in doing so, positively impact and change lives!
  • Compelling Difference: It’s in our tagline…
  • Primary Goal: To build a collaborative small business network of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders in the their respective industries.



Peer Sales Network was founded by Pamela Runge. RDH, MBA.

There’s something we all trust about a personal recommendation or professional referral. It makes a difference in our decision making process.

Somehow it provides an added comfort or feeling of confidence in our choices…at home with our family, with friends, or in our professional workplace.


    • PSN Mission: To bring more jobs to professionals!
      • PSN will positively impact the lives of their affiliates through providing entrepreneurial resources, support, and sustainable income opportunities for experienced professionals.
      • PSN will help drive revenue growth it’s business partners through a direct to professional sales model.

When it comes to product selection in your business, we know that you have many choices for products with similar stories with limited time to figure out advantages of one over another.

That’s why we formed our Peer Sales Network Team to bring you products that we recommend, as your professional friends.

Now, you can be confident that you are selecting products that have been tested and passed the high standards of professionals just like you!

We know that high quality products will allow you to provide the best possible care for your customers. We want to help you by providing only products that we would recommend for our own customers too.

Together, we will help you provide the highest level of care in the industry, click here to download our PSN brochure.

That’s the ADVANTAGE we offer you today!

We are here to assist YOU!

Our promise is to make a positive difference in your business today!

That’s YOUR advantage!

Network Benefits:

By joining our Peer Sales Network, you can take advantage of direct savings and promotions from our manufacturers and distributor providers.

Go to “Login/Register” and register today!

Ask your PSN consultant for your PSN NUMBER* to receive network pricing. JOIN TODAY!

Meet Our Team

We are experienced industry professionals and business owners, just like you!

We are passionate about sharing our experiences with you about what works for us, in our business and in the industry.

Our Peer Sales Network Team Offers you a collective “think tank” group of colleagues that you can tap into at any time. Ask us any question from what product or equipment to choose, to what are the “best practices” and procedures currently being used or share with us your custom needs.