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By joining our Peer Sales Network, you can take advantage of direct savings and promotions from our manufacturers and distributor providers.

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  • Business Consulting: Call us today to set up a personal visit to learn more about the best services for exceptional business results. Select services that will help your business earn more profits without compromising in quality and performance.
  • Professional Recommendations: We offer professional proven service solutions used by professionals just like you. We would like to share our experiences with you to help make your life easier. Choose from trusted partners to help you in your business needs.
  • Personal Referrals: Because we know personally what services are used in the dental office each and every day, we can refer you to services we have used ourselves and trust the quality and performance. That’s YOUR advantage!
  • Customized Staff Services: Offering online or group training sessions to obtain CE credits for the entire team. And when you need a substitute team member, we can save you time too!
  • Loyalty Club: Unleash the power of a global loyalty program in your practice. Benefit from customer loyalty and referrals. Increase your business by up to 35% per year and benefit from an additional income stream.